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Jaipur Jewels In Texas Policies


We are dedicated to finding and creating the highest quality hand-crafted jewelry from India. However, there may be times when you are dissatisfied with your purchase. The following policies apply to all purchases of jewelry from Jaipur Jewels in Texas, whether the purchase was made online, at a showcase, at a private appointment or by custom purchase.


All online and Showcase purchases must be paid-in-full at the time of purchase.


Customized Jewelry


You can request that we obtain a customized jewelry piece for you. The GIA certified jewelers that we work with in India create masterful one-of-a kind pieces that can be made to your specifications. These conditions apply to all custom purchases:


  • We will obtain an estimate for you before the item is made.  You will have to approve the estimate in writing. The purchaser will deposit half of the estimate with Jaipur Jewels before we request that the jeweler create the piece.
  • The actual price may vary from the estimate. But the actual price (which you will pay) will not be more than 20% greater than the estimate , unless you request changes .
  • Returns or exchanges are not allowed on customized jewelry, special orders, and engraved items.
  • The balance of the price is due at the time of delivery.  



Refund & Exchange Policy for Online and Showcase purchases


If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, within 30-days of the purchase date, you may return the item for a full refund or exchange. Jewelry must be returned in new or original condition with any accompanying certificates or paperwork.


We are not responsible for lost or stolen items or damage resulting from loss, theft, misuse, abuse or Act of God.


Within 3 months of a purchase, if the stone falls out and you have it, we will be able to reset the original stone in the same setting at no additional charge. However, if a stone falls out of the setting due to a weak or faulty setting by the jeweler within the first month, we will replace the stone in the original setting with a stone of similar value at no cost to the customer.


Within 3 months of purchase, if a stone is lost, a customer may purchase a replacement gemstone to be reset in the original setting for just the cost of the gemstone.


Any requested repair work will be done on the next trip to India. Trips are typically made in January, March and September.


Customer assumes all responsibility for the jewelry after 3 months from date of sale.


It is a good idea to list all new jewelry purchases on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Cash refunds in accordance with the above policies will be issued to the original purchaser upon presentation of the original sales receipt.

Cash refunds over $200 will be made by check issued within 21 days after the jewelry item is returned.

Credit Card Charges will be charged back to the credit card account to which the item was charged.

Gift returns may only be exchanged.