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Valentines Day Hater

Tina JacobsonComment

I used to hate Valentine’s Day.  Like every little girl, in grade school, I was always very excited to see if I got a valentine card from a special boy. Many times, that never happened. As a teenager, I just wanted a date for the church banquet.  That didn’t happen much either. In my 20’s I just wanted a date. I spent many Valentine’s Days alone in my apartment.  So, I grew to hate this day. All the angst about a date, a present, if someone liked me enough to ask me out, what would I wear…Good grief…it was an exhausting time of the year.

Then I met Terry. And I had a real boyfriend date for Valentine’s Day! I was excited to say the least.

Our first Valentine’s Day is one of those stories that gets told over and over.  I am not sure if our kids still roll their eyes when we tell it, but they could finish the story for me.

In 1987, I was actually anticipating Valentine’s Day. Terry and I had been dating for a while and we were already talking about marriage. So, I was excited to see what the night would hold.

A few days before Feb. 14th, an older friend and mentor asked me to take her place at a 4 hour conference on the 14th. It was one of those 1980’s political conferences. I wasn’t particularly interested in the topic, but she was my mentor and needed someone to go so I went. Ok, you want to know the topic don’t’ you….it was Star Wars (not the movie!) … SDI, Strategic Defense Initiative.

Fast forward a few hours and Terry and I are sitting in the restaurant. It was my favorite Chinese place in Dallas. I was all dressed up with a new dress on and yes with 80’s big hair. Terry wore a suit…yep he wore suits a lot back then! As we were eating Terry start to grill me on the conference. He wasn’t particularly positive about this initiative and he kept throwing questions at me. I was getting more and more upset. This was not what I wanted to talk about at our Valentine Dinner! And I certainly didn’t want to debate or argue about something I could have cared less about. I ended up in tears and ran to the bathroom. It was a few long minutes before I came out. Terry was sheepishly apologetic. 

I don’t remember if I actually got a gift that night. But I have received a gift every Valentine’s day since then. BTW, I know that I didn’t get an engagement ring that night but 2 months later he did propose.

Every girl, whether it is a girlfriend, a daughter, a wife, a granddaughter, or just a friend, likes to get a little something on Valentine’s Day. And…jewelry is always a good choice. Come and check out what we have. Our jewelry starts around $15 and goes up from there.  With 30% off for the Valentine’s showcase, you can get your special someone a gift she will remember and know that your money goes to help those in India who cannot help themselves.  Hopefully you will have a good story to tell your children as well.

Tina’s Toes reminding you to treat her right on Valentine’s Day!