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Trevor's Father

Tina JacobsonComment

Trevor traveled to his home state Bangalore this week. His father has been sick for several months.

Last night his father passed away. Please pray for Trevor, his brothers and his mother. His father was a believer as is his mother and one brother, Derek. Trevor’s oldest brother, Fredrick, is not a believer. Pray for Fredrick and his family, that they will come to know The LIGHT. Please also pray for Annie and Joshua as they will be traveling today to Bangalore. They are traveling by plane because it is a 3 day journey by car and not safe for them to drive it alone. Annie has borrowed the $500 needed for the flights from friends.

If you would like to send a note, it would be best to email. Please send it to me and I will forward. We have to be very careful with language even in email. I will be able to gather them all and send to Trevor so that it will be safe for him to receive. In lieu of other gifts, donations made to JJIT will be sent to the Freeman’s to cover their travel cost and to give to Trevor’s mom.  (Please designate as Francis.) She will now be a widow and not have much respect in her community.

Your prayers are most what is needed. Thank you