Jaipur Jewels in Texas


Tina JacobsonComment

Do you know the feeling?  I am sure you do.

I had a different agenda this week. I have our friends from India coming in. Besides my normal work tasks and the chaos with the house under remodeling, I was planning on getting everything ready for their arrival. But an interruption came along.

My daughter, Madeline, came home. She needed help with moving her belongings back to Denver so she could set up her new, first adult apartment. I, of course, could not say No. And I wanted to help her enjoy this special time. So I rented the U-Haul, called a few young men who came over and helped her load up the truck…then drove the 900 miles to Denver.

“It’s Ok,” I thought. “I can bring my computer, and with my phone’s hot spot, I can still respond to emails in between my turn to drive. I have a pretty good headset and can make phone calls. I can write proposals, blogs and make a post for Jaipur Jewels. It will work out fine.”

Then, Madeline asked me if it was ok for another passenger joined us on the ride. “Sure,” I thought, “another driver could only help me have more time to get my work done.”

Turns out the passenger was a six-week-old puppy.

Yep, I started feeling a little anxious when he joined us. How would I get my work done? How would I let people know about the upcoming changes this week and next since our house wasn’t finished? How could I make phone calls in a rumbling U-Haul?

Then the puppy (named Gustav Klimt, after the Austrian painter) started whining and wanted to sit in my lap during my time to work. Anxiety builds.

There’s a calming effect when you pet a sleeping animal. I read somewhere that there’s a scientific, neurological explanation for that phenomenon. So, I patted his head and settled back with him in my lap. Instead of napping, I reflected on the stories of Jesus, the carpenter from Nazareth. He had many interruptions while on his short journey on earth. A woman thrown at his feet that was caught in adultery, a sick man lowered down from the roof while he was helping others, children running to jump on his lap when he was teaching… Instead of fretting about them, he seemed to embrace them. He knew what was important at the moment

How many times in my days am I interrupted by the unexpected and certainly the unwanted phone call, a request from my husband to do something other than what I had planned, a sick child, a friend who needs to talk? I am sure you have the same things.

God knows, and he says, “Tina, I’ve got this. Go, take care of those interruptions because they are not interruptions at all. They are people who need your help. Someone needs you to be my hands and feet.  Go.”

So, I chose to help my daughter and go on an adventure with her. Great mother and daughter time!

And once again this week, there is NO Showcase in Corsicana.  Our house is still “under construction,” and I pick up the Freeman’s after I fly back from Denver tomorrow morning. Call me or text me if you need a gift or want to meet the Freeman’s.

Embracing the interruptions!