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Do You Know About Frogs?

Tina JacobsonComment

I read a blog post this weekend about frogs.  Not the cute little amphibians that you find in your yard, or in our case, the pool. The post I read is about productivity. I always feel like I don’t get anything done. So, I am still searching for ways to achieve more, and yes, I click through on Facebook to those post about “getting things done.”

Frogs. If they are not the cute little green things hopping in the grass, what are they?

They are the things on your to-do list that you find yourself procrastinating over and can’t seem to find a way to get them checked off. These frogs zap your energy, mostly because you put them off and dread doing them. So, they keep screaming in your head, “get me done, get me done.” But, for whatever reason, you just don’t want to do them.

My biggest Frog is when I come back from India. I have pieces that I have gotten repaired, or that people have bought and needed to get resized or re-worked. It takes me a few weeks to be able to sort through them when I return. Doing this task has become my biggest frog because I have several fears or issues associated with this.

First, I have to experience jet lag.  No matter what I do to try to alleviate it or make it a better “re-entry,” and there are some things that help, it always takes me 10 to 14 days to fully recover. I call it getting my brain back. But it seems the fog doesn’t lift until then.

Then, there’s the jewelry that has gotten repaired or made. Though I devise a system to keep up with these repairs while I am in India, inevitable the system fails. Yes, I know it is actually the person who works the system that fails. 

Why? I work with four different jewelers. Depending on which one sold me the piece, that is the one who fixes or resizes the piece. If you could see how business is conducted in India, then you would understand my dilemma. I end up with jewelry given to me at odd times, day or night, delivered by others, and always in different packages than what I carried it, many times returned without my notes of who’s piece is whom’s and what was done. By the time I get everything, we are headed back to the states, and so I just put them in my purse or bag and don’t think about it until I get home. With a foggy brain, I have learned to wait until the fog clears so that I can get each piece out, get through my notes and lay everything out so that I can make sure it all made it.  I’ve not lost anything yet! But I am always fearful that I have or that something has not been done correctly.  You see, I don’t have time, usually to double and triple check it while I am there. And even though I go over everything very carefully before I leave, I am always scared that I have missed something…forgotten something…or worse…lost something.

I also have to input these things into a system on my computer to keep up with costs for tax purposes.  I know that I don’t do this unless I have a clear head. I tend to have some dyslexic problems and transpose numbers and letters while inputting into my system or *gasp* writing the wrong address on a package or make a business trip out of town. Jet lag makes that worse, so I wait to do this until the fog clears.

One thing I have learned is to wait the full ten days before I do any “jewelry” work…entering in product or repairs, mailing pieces to people, and having a Showcase. It is difficult because I know people want their things right away. So if you have had to wait, I apologize. But I want to do it right…so I have to give myself time to be able to do it right! Maybe someday I will have a co-worker or a volunteer who can help get this done faster. *sigh*

Today, I am tackling the orders from the March trip. One critical piece did not make it back with me because the jeweler could not get it finished. Even though the customer knows, I am always upset with myself when I can’t deliver like I want to. So, I have to “let this go” and tackle the rest. It will feel good when I get it done, and I will be able to do the 39 other things that are left on my list.

Truth be told, this was just a reminder of what I learned by watching my BFF of 38 years, Diane Morrow.  She has always tackled the “frogs” in her life first. She’s smart.  She learned early on to get these frogs done so that it doesn’t zap her energy.  I am a slow learner.

Here’s the blog post I read in case you want to read more about how to tackle the “frogs”: https://www.productiveflourishing.com/when-to-swallow-your-daily-frog/?__s=mkiqfkox9qmecdvsxim5&utm_source=drip&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Is+it+time+to+handle+that+thing+you%E2%80%99ve+been+putting+off%3F+%28Pulse+%23170%29

What are your frogs?