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About Us

Jaipur, India has been known for centuries for its jewelry crafting. These unique designs are crafted by master GIA certified jewelers. Tina travels to Jaipur three times a year bringing back these specialty pieces made with precious and semi-precious gems set in sterling silver. Pieces set in 14k or 22k gold can be special ordered.

Each collection is purchased a few months in advance. Once an item is sold, we will not have one just like it (except for a few rare pieces). It is possible that inventory may be low from time to time.

You can request special orders and designs.

Call to schedule a private appointment to see the pieces, to try them on and to discuss special orders. If you would like to have a Showcase in your home, please email or call to discuss. Tina will deliver to any customer in the DFW area free of charge.


Tina & Terry Jacobson, Owner & Buyer

After many invitations to visit India and share Truth to leaders, Terry & Tina Jacobson agreed to give it a try. Following their initial trip in 2013, they were hooked. They saw a great need; they recognized they could help meet that need; and they had no good excuse not to go. They committed to return twice a year to the city of Jaipur and continue to share this Truth to others who live in Jaipur and in other cities in the state of Rajasthan.

Interestingly, Jaipur is also known for its precious and semi-precious jewels. Tina initially bought a few pieces of jewelry for herself and as gifts for family, but friends soon began asking her to make purchases for them as well. To accommodate the increasing demand and simultaneously provide financial resources to work with the people in Jaipur, she launched Jaipur Jewels in Texas in 2016, a non-profit jewelry import business.

This unique opportunity allows Tina to offer high quality jewelry at prices not found in other stores. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, blue topaz, amethysts and other precious gems along with uncut diamonds are set in silver as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. To accommodate customer special requests, Tina can also acquire jewelry set in 18k or 22k gold with cut/faceted diamonds and other specially designed pieces as well.

But these earthly treasures pale in comparison to the real jewels of India—the people. Utilizing 100% of the proceeds, she and Terry can fund their trips, support leaders and feed people with leprosy, a sobering highlight of each trip. By entrusting the priceless Truths to the faithful leaders of Rajasthan, the Good News lives on and countless lives are changed. Lepers are fed and the poor receive food and other essential items. It is ministry to the least of these.


Annie Freeman, Director of Operations, India
Trevor Freeman, Manager of Client Relations


Abbie Stackhouse, Marketing & Sales Representative